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Quality Assurance Program

All projects that Premier Analysis Team manages are administered following the processes and procedures of our Quality Management System. Premier Analysis Team is a technology services organization whose comprehensive quality system is compliant with the principles of CMMI. We maintain a configuration-controlled Quality Manual that addresses all the clauses of the CMMI standards. The primary goal of the CMMI standards is to ensure that a company’s quality assurance system is organized and implemented in such a way so as to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities across all phases of any project. Premier Analysis Team has been fully compliant with CMMI principles for the past two years, and is proceeding to Level 2 certification in 2006 and Level 3 certification in 2007. Our quality procedures will be followed for all aspects of the Seaport-e support effort. Once a task order is awarded, the PM and quality organization conduct a formal Contract Review. The PL prepares a project plan for the task order. This plan is presented at a kickoff meeting where the quality organization reviews and approves the plan. The project plan includes the topics shown below and any other topics unique to the task order.

  • Technical Approach
  • Labor Planning
  • Subcontractor Control
  • Corrective/Preventive Actions
  • Financial Overview
  • Quality Assurance Requirements
  • Potential Problems

A work order establishment memo will be issued by email to all employees, and a work order number that corresponds to the task order number will be assigned. This work order number is used in our Peach Tree accounting system, the corporate files and in the Quality Manager files to enhance traceability. Subcontractors and consultants are formally tasked by a modification to their subcontracting agreements shortly after task order award. Formal subcontractor deliverables are added to the deliverables database. The PL monitors subcontractor performance by soliciting customer feedback, reviewing formal deliverables and monthly status reports.