“I am very pleased with the continuing success the Systems Development Center (SDC) has made to date. Client confidence in the SDC has grown steadily over the past several years due in large measure to the contribution that all MOSES team partners have made in working together as an integrated team in the SDC. Thank you Premier Analysis for you excellent support. We are very pleased to have Premier Analysis on the MOSES team.”

Andrew J. Meranda
Corporate Vice President
MOSES Program Manager
Science Applications International Corporation


"Thank you for your efforts in my behalf on the Environmental Restoration Large Diameter Pipe Removal Project. My special thanks are extended for the short-time turn around you provided when it was required and for providing up-to-date minute Safety Requirements Verification Matrix Tables when they were needed. The NCSA approvals were provided for our use, in final form and ready to use. The configuration management work which was done by Premier led the way as an example of the way configuration management is to be done.

You met your deadlines even under adverse time restrictions. Premier worked as a team with us on this important project for a successful and timely completion of the Readiness Review Process."

Thomas L. Dahl,. Sr.
Program Manager
Lockheed Martin Energy System, Inc.
Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Operations


"The Office of the General Counsel extends deep appreciation to you and your staff for the technical assistance provided during our new System and Network Transformation period. Your staff provided the expertise necessary to complete LAN upgrade and hardware augmentation well within our established guidelines for completion.

Working with Premier’s staff has given me a high regard for what can be accomplished through enlisting an Engineering Company, such as Premier, that exhibits great pride in its engineering capabilities and the accomplishments of its professional staff.

Thanks for a job well done and for extending yourselves to provide this service well within the time period allotted."

Thomas A. Trimboli
Deputy General Counsel
Howard University


"The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of the Assistant Secretary, Office of Procurement, Property, and Emergency Preparedness
would like to express its sincere appreciation for the Information Technology (IT) support that Premier staff has provided for us. The staff technical expertise, attitude, and relationship with the staff have been outstanding. No task is too small or too large. Premier’s Staff has accepted every task with a willingness to understand POD’s needs, anticipate our needs, and to provide accurate, timely and complete resolution. The work products are superior."

United States Department of Agriculture
Office of Procurement Operations Division


"The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, would like to commend Premier Analysis, for the successful and timely completion of the Project 2: Episimul Program. We are also pleased with the way the project was handled, and would like to congratulate Premier for the efficient management that has been implemented in the company."

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development

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